Update on BRISSKit and University of Bristol / ALSPAC Synergies - Dr Olly Butters

This is Part 3 of a series of updates from BRISSKit collaborators and related projects at the Feb 2015 BRISSKit community and hack event in Leicester

Dr Olly Butters, ALSPAC Senior Data Manager at the University of Bristol, gave an overview of the ALSPAC project, which is a population-based birth cohort study led by the School of Community Medicine at Bristol. ALSPAC originally included 14,000 women who were pregnant in 1991-1992, but has since expanded to include the extended family of those participants and many subsequent studies and associated datasets.

The study, one of the largest and best known of it's type in the world, produces a large volume of data from paper questionnaires, electronic questionnaires, blood and tissue samples from their clinic, and linkage data derived from other sources, such as the DWP and HMRC.

Olly identified a number of synergies between ALSPAC and BRISSKit, including using the Bristol Data2Knowledge developed DataSHIELD to make their data more accessible to others by making DataSHIELD become part of BRISSKit via integration of the Obiba Opal BioBanking Database solution. There is a shared interest in utilising the SAIL Secure Anonymised Information Linkage databank platform provided at the Swansea node of the UK Farr Institute in order to make solutions and datasets available to UK wide biomedical researchers.

Finally, Olly discussed the information security aspects of ALSPAC’s work, which is currently being carried out in isolation. The ALSPAC team are keen to explore opportunities to work with other groups in this area, including via BRISSKit.

You can watch Olly Butters’ presentation in full at: https://youtu.be/Hk9uv6kFypE