BRISSKit - Biomedical Research Software as a Service

Project overview

BRISSKit is open source Biomedical Research Software as a Service. We are designing a transformational platform that enables biomedical and translational researchers to securely manage and combine datasets, including for patient cohorts where permitted. We use a suite of open source applications accessed in a browser which make it easier for researchers to manage their studies. Sensitive data is secured and only accessible to those with permission. This includes the identification, selection, engagement and recruitment of suitable subjects for research.

Jisc, working in partnership with the University of Leicester aims to develop BRISSKit into a service to be offered to UK universities as part of the Jisc portfolio. This platform will stop research groups having to go-it-alone through costly commercial procurement and ensure that there is an alternative to relying solely on ad-hoc spreadsheets. It’s been designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind. Researchers can connect the platform to their preferred data source eg pathology data and then export the results to their favourite analysis software such as R based statistical applications, or even modify the in-built applications to suit their needs. This is the beauty of an open source approach!

The BRISSKit project is now entering a new and exciting phase and is a strategic project for Jisc in the UK, who intend to provide further funding to transition the project into a service during 2015-16. It complements the groundbreaking developments Jisc has recently brokered to enable the secure movement and hosting of sensitive datasets for research use via the Janet academic network and Shared Data Centre. BRISSKit offers the ability to upload, manage, combine and collaborate with datasets in-project using such a secure infrastructure and then enables analytics and reuse. The use of open source tools for common tasks allows researchers to integrate their own more specialized software and analytics expertise using the platform.

Find out more

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